When Perfumery Meets Photography!

"Perfume: A cocktail of memories and emotion" - Jeffrey Stepakoff Perfumery & Photography, both combine with memories to make moment unforgettable. To expand the horizon of creativity in Perfumery as well as in Photography, Artistic & non-traditional thinking makes a huge impact. It gives new views to the perceptions and ultimately resulting in out-of-the-box concepts. … Continue reading When Perfumery Meets Photography!


Understanding the elements of Composition !

"THERE ARE NO WEEDS, AND NO WORTHLESS MEN. THERE ARE ONLY BAD FARMERS" - VICTOR HUGO Everyone and Everything has got a place in this universe. Let us extrapolate the concept of a french writer to the field of art, music and fragrances. As an artist, in order to understand the composition, we must understand … Continue reading Understanding the elements of Composition !

Sandalwood – The Story of India !

Sandalwood has been a part of the religious and spiritual traditions of India since prehistory and has been effectively used as a traditional medicine from ancient times. For more than 5000 years, India has been the traditional leader of sandalwood oil production for perfumery and pharmaceuticals. It has nearly fifteen names in the Indian languages, … Continue reading Sandalwood – The Story of India !

Beyond Native Fragrances…

"There is nothing permanent except Change..." - Heraclitus Indeed, Change... Change is the only permanent. Change is what keeps the world going. Change is what brings progress. And after all, it was this very change that embraced me at first and then gave a cultural shock when I took my first leap towards my goal. … Continue reading Beyond Native Fragrances…

Bleu de Chanel

"Fragrance is a form of poetry. It doesn't speak but gives so much" - Jacques Polge Fragrance is about the way we perceive it. We all perceive different smells in different intensities, but only some of them are able to appreciate them. Best example is woody or animalic accords, e.g., Oakmoss. It is essential component … Continue reading Bleu de Chanel